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HNS Strategic Plan 2017-2020.pdf/en/newcomerstrategy/Documents/HNS Strategic Plan 2017-2020.pdf​​​ 


The reports below provide details on the work Halton Newcomer Strategy as well as Community Partners:


This report was completed by WES (World Education Services) and is called "A Look at the Views of Prospective Skilled Immigrants." The guiding research questions were related to the motives, expectations and mobility and service needs of skilled immigrant clients and answered the following questions:

  • What are the main motivations for immigrating to Canada?
  • What are the main expectations when they arrive?
  • What are the most pressing professional needs once in Canad



Halton Newcomer Strategy creates Reports to the Community on a bi-yearly basis: ​​


Report to the Commu​nity – November 2015​  

Report to the Community – October 2014

Report to Community – November 2012

Report to the Community – May 2012

Report to the Community – Nov 2011

Report to Community - May 2011​


Halton Newcomer Strategy Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020

In early 2017 the HNS organized a Community Consultation to gather community input toward the development of priorities and actions for the Halton Newcomer Strategy Strategic Plan 2017- 2020. Over 110 members of the community, settlement and non-settlement service providers, newcomers and refugees participated in the discussions, with their feedback directly informing the final plan.

HNS Strategic Plan 2017-2020.pdf


Halton Youth Report - 2016

Strategic Framework - 2016/2017​​​



Capacity Building Report for Newcomer Service Providers

The Steering Committee and Service Coordination Working Group decided to focus on enhancing service delivery capacity of Halton newcomer service providers for 2014/2015.

A total of 28 training areas which were identified and divided into four broad categories; the Canadian Legal System, Employment, Health Care and Specialized Counselling. To better understand specific training needs within each category, a survey was developed and administered to Halton Service Providers.
The HNS Steering Committee sought assistance in generating and ‘jump-starting’ 3-5 key strategies to inform their 2014 - 2017 Work Plan.

Community Indicator Report 2013 

The 201​3 Community Indicators Report supports the Halton Newcomer Strategy (HNS) by providing Halton-specific data to increase understanding of the current experience of newcomers and establishing local benchmarks to guide and evaluate the activities of the Steering Committee and Working Groups.


The Halton Local Immigration Partnership Project report is the result of consultation, planning, and actions of over two hundred individuals participating in the Halton Newcomer Strategy.

The goal of this initiative was to research the newcomer community in Haltonm identify available settlment services and work with partners to devekip a local settlement strategy based on community consultations. This report titled "Profile of Newcomers in Halton" is a componenet of the deliverables. This document researches and reports on the immigration population in the Halton community, available settlement services and the capacity of the service providers.