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What is the Halton Newcomer Strategy?

The Halton Newcomer Strategy (HNS) is an advocacy team that engages the community to empower newcomers to Halton.


HNS is coordinated by a Steering Committee that determines the vision, creates the strategic plan, sets the priorities and directs the work of the Halton Newcomer Strategy. The Steering Committee provides strategic direction to three working groups (Service Coordination, Equity and Employment), responsible for developing and implementing activities aimed at ensuring effective integration of newcomers.


Why is the work of Halton Newcomer Strategy important?

    • Ontario’s population in prime working years is decreasing, leaving fewer people in the labour force. We need immigrants to maintain our workforce

    • Many immigrants come to invest in our community, building our local economy and creating jobs

    • Older adults will depend on people of working age to support social security and pensions. We need immigrations to help take care of our ageing population

    • Newcomers are local customers. They help maintain a healthy local economy

    • Newcomers offer skills that may not be available in our local workforce

    • Newcomers can open doors to new markets


Halton Newcomer Strategy does not provide any direct services to newcomers. Our job is to help the communities in the region of Halton to develop the tools and programs they need to support newcomers.


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