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Gaining Canadian Work Experience



Working in Canada

Newcomers may face challenges finding a job in Canada.  Statistics Canada identifies four labour market challenges faced by newcomers to Canada. One challenge is work experience.

Experience in a Canadian workplace may be a requirement or an employer preference, in both regulated and non-regulated occupations. It is useful for newcomers to present experience they have gained in another country as valuable to Canadian employers. This can be done in a resume. For more information, please visit How do I Apply for a Job? se                                                                                                                                                   se



The Career Bridge  

Is a paid internship program operated by Career Edge Organization is a response to Canada's labour market demand for internationally qualified professsionals who are eager and qualified to work in their profrssional fiels in Canada. It's a low-risk, cost effective way for Canadian organizations to find educated, experienced and pre-screened talent across many industry sectors, adding skills and diversity to their workforce and helping highly qualified and motivated individuals gain meaningfil Canadian work experience.



Volunteering is a way for you to learn new skills, continue to develop your existing skills, practice English and meet people. It allows you to build networks, gain Canadian experience, and learn more about the work environment in your community. When you volunteer you do work without pay for the benefit of both others and yourself.

Click here for more information on volunteering.