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Evaluating Credentials  

​​​Understanding Foreign Credentials

Understanding how your educational qualifications from another country translate in Canada is important when you’re searching for a job or planning to immigrate to Canada under the skilled worker category.

If you have obtained education, work experience or professional credentials from outside Canada, you will need to get your credentials assessed to:


Credential assessment will help you:​

  • See whether your credentials are equivalent to the standards set for Canadian workers

  • Determine whether you need more training, education or Canadian work experience

  • Understand the types of jobs for which you might be qualified  

  • Help employers understand your qualifications

**It is good to start the credential assessment and recognition process before you arrive in Canada as the credential assessment takes time.


Credential Assessment Organizations

There are many organizations that can evaluate your credentials. The important part is to know that evaluations for employers, training program or college/university may be different. There will be a fee for the following organization’s services:


World Education Services (WES) - Canada will provide assessments of your degree and/or diploma from high school, training program, college or university. WES has been hired by the Government of Ontario to perform evaluation services. WES evaluation reports can be used for 5 purposes:

  • Employment

  • Immigration

  • Higher education

  • Licensing

  • Apprenticeship training.

Some organizations may not take assessments from WES, so it is important to check with the organization first before you get this assessment done.


University of Toronto's Comparative Education Service evaluates the education you received outside of Canada for employment purposes. A Canadian school or education program may or may not accept this evaluation for admission. Check with the school or program first.


International Credentials Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada evaluates credentials from all levels of schooling for both employment and educational purposes. Their website provides information on fees, the evaluation process, as well as an application form.


Medical Council of Canada (professional body) provides Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs) for Principal Applicants intending to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) for immigration to Canada and for whom General practitioner and family physician OR Specialist physician would be the primary occupation for their application to immigrate to Canada.


Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) ​(professional body) is the national certification body for the profession of pharmacy in Canada.

  • Assesses the qualifications of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on behalf of provincial pharmacy regulatory authorities

  • Ensures that entry-level pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have the necessary professional knowledge, skills and abilities to practise pharmacy within their scope of practice, in a safe and effective manner.

 Contact the regulatory body for your profession or a recognized credential assessment organization to find out the process.